Athens Gyms

Athens Gyms

There’s no reason to miss your workout!

Take advantage of our special packages for visitors to Athens and stay fit during your vacations! Get your pass for our gyms now:

  • Athens Gyms Daily Pass at the cost of €10
  • Athens Gyms Two-day Pass at the cost of €15
  • Athens Gyms Weekly Pass at the cost of €25

The above passes include many group class programs that our gyms provide, the use of strengthening equipment under the supervision of our trainers, lockers and changing room.

Twelve fitness clubs all over the city, offering the most state-of-the-art fitness equipment under the supervision of the best trained instructors in a supercool environment, will help you stay fit during your breaks from visiting the highlights of the city.

Everybody travels. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, vacation or world domination, at some point in our lives we all leave the comfort of our personal “shire” to go visit another location. It might be a quick trip to the next town for a business conference – or it could be a massive adventure halfway around the world, for months at a time. No matter what kind of trip, one thing is certain: our normal routines are completely thrown out the window when traveling. If that isn’t bad enough, if your workouts take place in a gym, you may suddenly find yourself without access to fitness equipment! Well, not anymore!

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